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Who We Are

Limitless Life (LL) was born from the love to celebrate and have a good time while honoring and respecting the body, mind and soul so you can pursue your highest potential.

We live for connecting with others and making the most of every moment. We want to do our best to continue this as long as possible, in the greatest capacity we can.

LL was founded by biohackers, human potential experts and serial entrepreneurs who began making nootropic smart drugs when we witnessed people close to us have their lives ruined by addiction and burnt out living by the “work hard, play hard” motto.

With now over 20 years of experience with nootropics, tens of thousands of customers all over the world, spending 30-50 hours a week on research and development and impacting more than 100,000,000 million lives around the globe with our collective projects our Limitless Life team knows what makes people tick on all levels.




What Is Experiential Nutrition?

From the beginning of time humans have put things in their body and then waited for the experience it would provide.

Would it make us stronger?

Would it make us sleepy?

Would it make us experience a different reality?

As we ingested more and more and had a wide range of experience we would then be able to determine when and why we wanted to eat something.

In current times, most of us live in a world where we are beyond survival mode and we have more time and energy for purely enjoying different experiences.

We also live in a time where our expectations of living are higher than ever and we need to be performing and producing more and more each day to provide the life we desire.

This is where Limitless Life Supplements comes in to play.

Our products are designed for both the enjoyment of life's experiences and the performance demands we put on ourselves which means taking care of our body and minds, physically, mentally and emotionally.

All of our products are a scientific blend of the most powerful, healthy, brain-enhancing nutritionals available. We blend brain-enhancing nutrients (for neurogenesis), choline donors (increasing synaptic response), adaptogens (improving overall health/wellness and enhancing nootropic uptake), neuro stimulants (enhancing mental/physical energy), and a select number of other elements that support optimum performance and hormonal function.

Now…the choice is yours, what life experience do you want to enhance?


Core Values

  • Be of service.
    We are here to help people which includes others as well as ourselves.
  • Always be growing.
    Set goals, be performance driven, stand accountable, challenge “good enough,” and improve. Constantly.
  • Do what it takes.
    If we give everything we have at every opportunity than we know we did our best and sleep at night.
  • Have fun.
    Life can be short and it is important that we enjoy as much of it as possible. The choice is yours.
  • Play as a team.
    From the day we were born we needed other people. There are 7 billion of us for a reason, lets support each other to be our best.