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AVA capsule (4 capsules) – enhance your MOOD. - limitlesslifesupplements

AVA capsule (4 capsules) – enhance your MOOD.

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Yoga Pre-Workout and Emotional Wellness

Do you have a desire to enhance your emotional intelligence and build a deeper relationship with yourself and others?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you are about to discover the most powerful, all-natural, plant-based, emotional and mental wellness supplement in the world.

Please meet AVA… AVA is designed to sustainably stimulate dopamine, serotonin and gaba production – which are essential neurotransmitters for a Positive Mood.
  • Creates a Calm and Centred Disposition
  • Supports a Positive Mood
  • Enhances your Senses
  • Increases Optimism and Zest for Life
  • Feel more Loving toward others (increased sense of connection & belonging)
  • Opens your Mind to New Possibilities
  • Reduces Social Anxiety

- Suggested Use -

For Relaxation, Focus and Yoga Pre-Workout:

  • Take 1 Capsule on an Empty Stomach with 250-500ml (6-8oz) of Water.
  • For Best Results, take 60 minutes after a meal and 20 minutes before exercise.

For Mood Enhancement & Social Function:

  • Take 2 Capsules on an Empty Stomach.
  • (Do Not Exceed the recommended dosage of 3 capsules in 12 hours)
  • Consult your Health Care Practitioner if you have any negative health conditions, or are sensitive to increases in Dopamine or Serotonin.
  • AVA will increase natural energy and Dopamine & Serotonin levels. Physical Movement, Coffee, Tea & Alcohol will increase the effects of AVA.
  • Keep out of reach from Children & Pets.



Kavalcatones (Organic Vanuatu Kava Root extract)
ECGC (Organic Green Tea extract)
Theobromine (Organic Cacao extract)


Organic Green Tea Caffeine
Organic Intellect Tree Seed
Higenamine (Organic Nandina Domestica extract)
Theacrine (Organic Camilla Assamica Tea extract)
Curcumin (Organic Turmeric extract)
2-amino-6-methylheptane (Organic Kigelia Africana Fruit extract)
Piperine (Organic Black Pepper extract)
Hordenine (Organic Barley extract)



Methylcobalamin (B-12)
β-phenylethylamine from Lactobacillus
1-Alpha-Hydroxycholecalciferol in Olive Oil 4:1 Concentration
α-tocopherol (Vitamin E)